Claiming options – Express Plus Medicare APP

You can make Medicare claims easy and fast through the Express Plus Medicare mobile app. This app lets you access your Medicare information from your smartphone with just a few clicks.

Before downloading the Express Plus Medicare mobile app, you need a myGov account linked to Medicare.

View here an online guide on linking your online account to myGov.

Steps for using Express Plus Medicare mobile app


1. Download and install the Express Plus Medicare mobile app

Download an Express Plus mobile app from the App Store Download an Express Plus mobile app from Google Play Download Express Plus App from Windows Store


2. Agree to terms and conditions

3. Select the icon in the centre of the screen. Login using your existing myGov username and password

4. Answer your secret question (used to set up your myGov account) to set up your 4-digit PIN. You’re then good to go!



To download to an iPad, search for iPhone only in the App Store.

It’s important you don’t store your 4-digit PIN on your mobile device. This is for your safety if you lose your mobile device. If you think someone else has used your details without your knowledge, contact the Department of Human Services.

By using Express Plus Medicare, you acknowledge the legal obligations you must comply with when completing transactions. These obligations are detailed in the declarations agreed to when using specific functionality within Express Plus Medicare.

Claim through Express Plus Medicare mobile app if :

– the item is for a service provided to someone on your Medicare card
– the service was provided within the last 2 years
– you haven’t been bulk billed for the service


Using the app you can:

• View your Medicare card details and current card members.
• Update contact details.
• Update bank account details.
• Order a replacement or duplicate Medicare card.
• Submit claims.
• View, download, print or email your Medicare Claims History Statements for the last 3 years.
• View your Medicare Safety Net balance.
• View, download, print or email immunisation history statements for yourself or your child under the age of 14.
• Register your organ donation decision.
• Change your organ donation decision.
• Request a new Organ donor card.
• View a digital copy of your Organ donor card.
• Locate a service centre.

If you’re unable to submit your claim using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app or your Medicare online account, contact the Medicare telephone claims line.


To see more details regarding the use of Express Plus Medicare mobile app, please see Troubleshooting for this app.

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